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Modicare Foundation

Ever since the inception of the Modi group of industries, the core philosophy has remained unfalteringly consistent—to enhance, engage, and empower the lives of people. This very ethos remained at the heart of Modicare Foundation when it was set up in 1996. The longstanding tradition of giving back to the people while altering their lives for a better, more secure future has been a part of Modi family’s glorious legacy.

In the initial years of setting up the Modicare Foundation, the focus remained on intervention programs focused on HIV/AIDS. The foundation strongly advocated programs facilitated to infuse life altering capacity building skills amongst women, children, adolescents, unemployed, and unskilled youth. Modicare works with a wide range of stakeholders both at the community and institutional level in order to leverage resource base.

The Modicare foundation has further evolved to include key programs that aid sustainable growth and development amongst the marginalized sections of the society. It has fostered workplace intervention programs, projects in partnership with national and international agencies working on capacity building, DMRC project for migrant workers, set up integrated counseling and testing centres, as well as encouraged leadership programs amongst the youth. The foundation has led inspiring campaigns and initiatives and has left no stone unturned under Samir Modi’s leadership to become a well respected foundation that aids change through direct and indirect intervention.

As Vice Chairman of Modicare Foundation, Mr Modi has proven that grit and determination for realizing holistic change at a humanitarian level is crucial when big businesses decide to give back to the society. He has pioneered key initiatives across India and encouraged an attitudinal shift demonstrating organizational strength is essential to positive changes in a community.

While the foundation continues to rehabilitate, strengthen, and build the leaders of tomorrow, Modicare foundation remains proud of the milestones that distinguish it from others. Some of the key initiatives that no other organization has undertaken have been:

  • In-house workplace awareness program for company’s countrywide employees and consultants
  • Implementation of ‘The Modicare HIV/AIDS Policy’ when not many corporate houses had thought of it
  • Reaching out to underprivileged through unique sponsorship programs, sensitized and trained over 85,000 employees of public and private sector organizations
  • Recognized as a resource agency by NACO, SACS, UNICEF, Delhi government and other corporate houses
  • Active member of CII, FICCI, Global Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS (GBC) and Wofrld Economic Forum’s India Business Alliance
  • Built capabilities of more than 3,000 teachers and over 50 NGOs

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