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Samir Modi Story
Mr. Samir Modi
Vice Chairman & Managing Director – K.K. Modi Group

Mr. Samir Modi is the youngest son of Mr. K.K. Modi. He has an intuitive entrepreneurial mind that is constantly striving to bring new and radical ideas to life. At the helm of all new businesses, he plays a vital role in the group with his expertise in conceptualizing, strategizing and setting up new ventures.

An alumnus of the famed Harvard Business School, Mr. Samir Modi’s stint in US has given him a global perspective and a multicultural approach to work. During his tenure there, he observed that Indians are running companies across industries worldwide be it Silicon Valley or Wall Street and they are at the top everywhere. The success of Indians worldwide amazed him. And yet throughout his schooling years, and on his several social welfare trips, he had seen the crude contradictions of this success. While Indians were attaining success worldwide, they were languishing in their own country. He wondered, what created this divide. The answer was obvious. Opportunity!

And from that day on, Mr. Samir Modi who was then only 25 years old, started working on his idea. He began to understand that to be truly competitive as a nation we have to adopt an aggressive attitude. He thought, the only way to replicate success in India was through economic independence.

He knew that the road to make his dream into a reality would be hard but with his determination and the support of his visionary father along with dedicated team members, he began to conceptualize it.

Realizing that there was expertise required to empower him and his team to face the challenges ahead, Mr. Samir Modi hired the best talent worldwide. Boston Consulting Group laid the framework, Andersen Consulting began to engineer the processes, and the Umezawa group of Japan established the product research, selection and launch processes. The Board of Directors comprised of the nation’s top professionals and executives and was headed by Mr. K.K. Modi.

Armed with his new philosophy of management and his innovative and lateral thinking, he launched Modicare in 1996, the first Indian direct selling company, which marked the beginning of new concepts and business ideas for the K. K. Modi Group.

Mr. Samir Modi has been guiding Modicare’s strategic development ever since and has lead it to be one of India’s leading direct selling company.

Today there are thousands of Indians who live this dream and are leading their country well and truly into the next century. They are the products of an India that is pacing forward to assert its own identity. An India that stands up to show the world that we are second to none, silent yet competitive and her people are capable of achieving success in any sphere, in any country and in any domain.

Liberated by the power of their dreams, the wisdom to follow them and the vision of a man who believed in the beauty of their dreams, today they have traversed the boundaries and borders that have always confined them.

Mr. Samir Modi also took the onus of continuing the philanthropic tradition of his family and set up the Modicare Foundation that does extensive work in the field of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention as well as gender related issues.
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