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SMAP Parker Pen

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Modicare SMAP Parker Pen is a unique and valuable tool designed to support and empower Modicare Direct Sellers on their journey to success. Beyond its primary function as a writing instrument, this pen serves as an indispensable companion for Modicare Direct Sellers, enhancing their effectiveness in various ways.

1. Quality Writing Instrument: This Pen delivers an exceptional writing experience. With its smooth ink flow and ergonomic design, it ensures that Direct Sellers can effortlessly jot down notes, record important information, and engage in effective communication. A reliable writing tool is essential for any businessperson, and this pen meets that need with style.

2. Ready Reckoner for SMAP 2.0: The pen's unique value proposition lies in its integration with the SMAP 2.0. By incorporating SMAP on the pen, it becomes a quick reference guide or "ready reckoner" for Direct Sellers.
3. Professional Image: Carrying and using this pen also reinforces a professional image for Modicare Direct Sellers. It demonstrates their affiliation with a reputable brand that invests in tools and resources to support their success. This can enhance credibility when interacting with customers and potential recruits.

Name & Address of the Manufacturer:

Luxor Writing Instruments Private Limited, A-40, Hosiery Complex, Phase II Extension, Noida-201305, District: Gautam Budh Nagar Uttar Pradesh, India
Name & Address of the Marketer:
Modicare Limited, 5, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110025

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